Other Books by the Author

A Course in Football for Players and Coaches: Offense

Reprints of the 1908 Offense pamphlet, 1909 supplement and 1910 revision from Warner’s ground-breaking correspondence course on the rudiments of football. Also includes Tom Benjey’s interpretation of the birth and early evolution of the single-wing offense. 80 pages, softcover, $10.00

Doctors, Lawyers, Indian Chiefs is a collection of biographical essays that deal with the lives and athletic careers of about 50 Native Americans who played impressive roles in Carlisle football history before moving on with their lives - often to play sports for other colleges along the way. The amount of research and work that went into compiling their stories is staggering.

The Rose bowl Game of 1916 changed the face of American College football. Lone Star Dietz  developed the winning team, Washington State College. Thw author has done an outstanding job of capturing the sports career of Dietz as a football player and coach from newspaper articles, collegiate publications, and correspondence. The unique combination of football, art, journalism, and the theater make the story amazingly complex. This is the remarkable story of Lone Star Dietz’s pursuit to find his personal identity in an intolerant socio-cultural environment..

The government provides disability benefits to veterans whose Prostate Cancer is a result of their military service. Proving that may be a simple matter for those who served in Vietnam. It’s almost as simple for others who served in particular places at particular times. But for many, proving your cancer is service-connected may be difficult. The government doesn’t inform veterans that they are eligible for disability benefits for Prostate Cancer;  they must find that  out for themselves.

Glorious Times: Adventures of the Craighead Naturalists tells the fascinating, true, and important story of an American clan of Scots-Irish that settled in the early 1700s in Pennsylvania. From this clan came an astonishing number exceptional people, many of whom dedicated their lives to the study and conservation of nature. Glorious Times even poses the question as to whether this family had a special "Naturalist DNA" in their genetic heritage.