Children’s Bookwatch, January 2024

The Story Monsters Ink Shelf

Midwest Book Review


Deb Greenberg




When the Carlisle Indian School, a federally-funded Pennsylvania boarding school for Native Americans that opened in 1879, was given permission to play other schools, the small group of students old enough to play against college men traveled miles to play games on the road. They soon became known nationwide as large crowds turned out to watch them play. With the hiring of Pop Warner as their coach, they were a phenomenon. Carlisle players made All-America lists and seven have been inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame: Jim Thorpe, James Johnson, Gus Welch, Ed Rogers, Al Exendine, Joe Guyon and Lone Star Dietz. A complete and accurate account of the Carlisle football team... and an informative, detailed, and captivating read for all football fans. (Ages 10+)