Jim Campbell

Author of

Hell with the Lid Off:

Inside the Fierce Rivalry between the 1970s Oakland Raiders and Pittsburgh Steelers


The book is truly “ground breaking!” It delves—deeply in most cases—into subjects

I’ve never seen/heard before. Great work!


The cartoons and pictures, etc. add so much to the book—also many unseen by me



I was also pleased whenever I came across “Susquehanna U.” or “Bucknell U.” Very

familiar with both institutions. An aside: while growing up in Selinsgrove, I would hear

old-timers say (erroneously), “Many’s the time I saw Jim Thorpe stand on the 50-yard

line at Susquehanna’s field and kick a field goal through the goal posts at one end of

the field, turn around and kick one through the goal posts at the other end.” Well, as

you know better than anyone, Big Jim never played at SU. The only games between

Carlisle and SU during his career years were Carlisle JV games. No Big Jim. Probably

what they saw was Frank Mt. Pleasant (or someone else) do the 50-yard “turnaround” FGs.


I especially appreciate the diligent digging and exhaustive research done in writing

the book. It shows….


The epilogue was most interesting and unique, compared to any other Thorpe/Carlisle

book. It is to be commended. The appendices also add a unique feature to the book.